So Who Are We?

We are gamers y online shoppers just like you, but living on Aruba can be quite difficult without emptying your wallet. That is were we come in.

Our History

Back in 2015 we started with the idea to sell gift cards codes on the island for a more affordable price in comparison to other companies that were selling them way to over priced. So in 2016 we've launched our first gaming website called (R.I.P). We used this website to promote local gaming events, and started selling gift cards and hosted giveaways for various gift cards. We didn't used the term "eCards" just yet, that will come later on.


Now it is 2017 and after gaining some traction we started working on our second website, while this was happening we moved the the gift card store to our main website, We called this store "The eCards Store"...I know, simple right? Apart from selling through this "new store", we also started selling through Facebook and WhatsApp. The reason we decided to move was because we started working with Aruba Gaming Network and wanted to close Loco Gamer and move the gaming blog to our Facebook page. This also gave us more time to work on the new website.

Finally halfway through 2018, we've finished to what will be our main online store that will sell various gift cards on Aruba. ECARDS ARUBA was launched on June 16th of 2018, and instead of just selling gaming gift cards, we started selling Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and Netflix gift cards codes.

July 1st, 2018

This is the date we launched our very own loyalty program called ePoints Aruba at that time. This program gave our customers the change to earn points that can later be redeemed and used in store for some amazing coupons.


Now it's two years later and we launched to ECARDS ARUBA 2.0 including a new page "E Game Corner", where we sell other gaming related products that is not Gift Card codes, and other gift cards like Roblox and Call of Duty Points cards. This new version of the website can also be viewed in Papiamento, English, Spanish and Dutch. There are also many more changes happening later this year.

eCards Aruba is a part of:
Living The Island Way Online Services (LTIWOS)
KvK: 48477.0
Oranjestad, Aruba