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If you're trying to make an in-app purchase using your Google Play Balance, you've probably been seeing this error recently 

“Couldn’t complete your transaction, Gift cards can only be used in the country they were purchased”.

Turns out, you are not alone. More and more users are reporting the same error to Google since June 16th, 2021. Google's first response was, "they've updated their terms", but now even U.S. users that bought gift cards in the U.S. using a U.S. credit card are having the same issue. This error is caused by Google and can only be fixed by them. 

You can redeem a gift card, but after the gift card is added to your balance, you won't be able to use it. It doesn't matter where you live or where you bought the gift card. Even if you try using a VPN (for people living abroad) you will still get the same error.

It is for this reason, we've decided to stop selling Google Play Gift cards, for now. This decision is to prevent more people from losing their money to Google. Google Play gift card will remain unavailable until further notice.

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  • @ Monalisa Kwidama
    Pa awo no ta bay tin solucion. Google a cambia nan gift card policy. Dus e unico manera cu bo por redeem bo gift card, ta si bo redeem e riba e pais cu e gift card a wordo cumpra. Como tur gift card di Aruba, ta bin di Merca, pa e motibo ey Gift Cards di Google Play no lo traha mas na Aruba. Esaki ta inclui e Play Balans. Dus si bo logra redeem un U.S. gift card, e orey bo Google Play balans ta wordo mara na e region di e Gift Card (cual lo ta U.S.A.). Dus bo Play Balans tampoco no lo por wordo uza mas si bo no ta biba of ta kedando cualkier otro luga cu no ta Merca, maske bo tin placa riba dje.

    Awo si bo uza un VPN (Virtual Private Network) cu un U.S. IP Address?
    Google a update nan Geo Restriction, cu esaki nan por detecta, cu bo IP Address no ta klop, y lo lock bo balans, of blokia cualkier code redemption. Nos a test e cu NordVPN y ExpressVPN cu mesun resultado. Te cu nos sa, niun otro VPN service no lo traha tampoco.

    Unda po reclama esaki?
    Na Google support, via e forum cu e topico aki.

    Of via nan Suppot chat

    eCards Aruba on
  • E problema cu Google gift cards tin solushon ? Ki lo pasa cu e balans cu bo tin y no por usa ? Unda por reclama esaki ?

    Monalisa Kwidama on

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